What We Do

Education & Outreach

  • Train community members and advocate to identify housing discrimination
  • Distribute educational materials and public service announcements to community-based organizations and media
  • Train housing providers on fair housing responsibilities and best practices

Enforcement & Litigation

  • Investigate complaints of suspected cases of housing discrimination
  • Provide free legal representation to victims of illegal housing discrimination
  • Advocate for clients with disabilities to have full use and enjoyment of his or her housing

Predatory Lending & Foreclosure Assistance Project

  • Investigate complaints of lending discrimination and predatory lending
  • Refer cases of lending fraud to state and federal regulatory agencies

Research & Contractual Services

  • Produce research-based reports and make policy recommendations on fair housing for governmental agencies
  • Perform self-monitoring investigations for companies to ensure that their employees are complying with fair housing laws
  • Provide training for professional in real estate, banking, insurance and property management